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Case Study 

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HNI India formerly known as HNI is an American Furniture manufacturer company. Expanded their
business to India, and successfully running the business with more than 20 million dollars of revenue
in offline traditional sales.

We collaborated to build brand’s online presence from the scratch by building their website, setting
up selling accounts on almost all online selling platform.

What was the approach?

We have started with Marketplace analysis. I have created competitive analysis sheet to know the
depth of the marketplace.

India Marketplace is a prices sensitive market of Amazon and with such a huge ticket size, it is really
difficulty to penetrate and create a space among the other already established brands.​

We have decided to list the product and use FBA services from the initial stage as it will allow us to
focus more on sales rather than order processing, & Inventory handling.

Major challenge for me 

Major challenge for me with this brand is the size of the item, as Self-shipping these chairs and table
is hectic problem to the client. So, we have finalized to use FBA services. But to register ourself to
the respective Heavy & Bulky FBA took us 3 months.

Here constant follow-up with the Amazon team made a way out to this.

After 3 month we have been registered to the FBA and shipped our consignments to the FBA. Even
after the putting our inventories to FBA the listings are not live for sales on many pin codes because
of the size we are offering only local deliveries are available in most of the states.

After heavy trouble shooting the problem got resolved and our listings got live on many states.​

Strategical Approach

This time working with a huge brand and with a big-ticket size, made us to take a different approach.
Basically, we target TOP OF THE SEARCH keywords placements to increase the Page view & sessions
for any brand and improve the sales.

However, this won’t going to work in this case, so we have started targeting price range and the
products that lies in this price range.

In order to running Banners, display and video, we have completed the Brand registry and enables us
to brand ads and created the A+ pages and store front. So that we can grab almost every place to

On selective keywords, I have been running the Banners, Videos and displays altogether so that I
cannot miss any place of advertisements.

Once we have started getting searches, our page views & sessions subsequently increased and
started getting orders. We have started the account 6 months before the Prime day sales and THERE

On the very first month of online selling, we have achieved around 12000$ and in the subsequent
months we have been continuously building visibility to our product detail pages.

Before, prime day sales we have started getting 0.12 million dollars of sales every month and still
counting more.

Major Take way 

1)Always price the product with the profit margin.
2)Never go live without sharp images of the products
3)Use the best approach to penetrate the marketplace.
4)Always think of the customers satisfaction to gain better reviews than the competition